LIC Summer Camp 2023

Hockey Camp in July 2023

For players born 2005 - 2013

Ljusne Ice Camps - Thomas Storm | Magnus Zirath | Anton Åkerström

Between the dates July 19 – 22, and July 24 – 27 we are hosting our summer camps in Ljusne Sweden. Instructors during the camps are Thomas Storm, Magnus Zirath and Anton Åkerstöm, and the camps are open for players born between 2005 – 2013.


Players will be devided in in to following groups:



Group 1: J18

Group 2: -08 and -09

Group 3: -10 and -11

Group 4: -12 and -13



Focus during the camps will be comprehensive, and will give the young players the basis to faster develop into competent hockey players. Thomas Storm has a solid track record in being a hockey instructor. He has a background with many of the Swedish players in the NHL, he has also worked for the Detroit Red Wings as their skills coach for many years. Just to drop a couple of players that has been trained by Thomas: Steve Yzerman, Nicklas Lidstöm, Henrik Zetterberg and Nils Ekman. Thomas will take care of the players and give them the tools for individual Skills.



This is Henrik Zetterbergs own words about Thomas Storm:


”If you have an open mind, and strive to get the most out of your skill set, then Thomas Storm is your guy. His eye and approach to situations connect in ways that truly set him apart. Thomas blends decades of experience with a keen, authentic focus on the individual and their developement. I know this first hand”


– Henrik Zetterberg


Magnus Zirath will take care of the goalkeepers during the camp. He has been playing for Djurgården in the Swedish number 1 division (SHL), and has been raised by Djurgården Goalkeeper academy, who are known world wide for raising many of Swedens best Goalies. Magnus will give the young goalkeepers the tools for devloping faster in to  competent and solid goalkeepers. During the camp we will also have our Goalie Coach Tyson Brouwer from Canada on the ice to keep sure that there will be no issuses regarding the language, since we will be using both Swedish and English in our coaching.


For the of ice training we will have Anton Åkerstöm taking care of the players. Anton works on  daily basis as a physics teacher on a High School, and are a licensed physics coach in Sweden. He will be focusing on prepare the young players for the ice sessions.


Camp will be held in the small town of Ljusne 250 km North of Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The players will stay at our new accomodation, which is located 100 meters from the Rink. Both stay and meal plan are included in the prices. There will be camps leaders staying with the players during the days, and over night. This meaning that the young players will never be left alone in the accomodation, or anywhere during the camp. Our camp leaders will secure that the social environmet will be good at all times. We will do not tolerate the young players excluding each other, use bad behavior or harsh language.


For parents following their kids to Ljusne, you can either book a room at our own super fresh LIC Motel* or book a hotel in the town of Söderhamn. That is located 20 minutes from Ljusne by car.


*Book your LIC Motel Room by sending an E-Mail to: with a request.


Thomas Storm

Magnus Zirath

Anton Åkerström

Thomas Strom has a long and solid background in being a hockey skills coach, and many people says that he is the best hockey instructor in Sweden.


During the years Thomas has worked systematically and focused with developing both juniors and seniors into some of the best hockey players in the world.

Magnus Zirath has a background in Djurgården and has played in the Swedish number 1 Division (SHL). He works on a daily basis with coaching young goalkeepers into being game winning individuals for their teams.


During the camp Magnus will focus on the goalkeepers and give them a solid individual skill set.

Anton is our of ice physics coach. He works on daily basis as a physics teacher and are a licensed physics coach in Sweden. Anton will be focusing on preparing the the young players for their ice sessions.

Focus Areas

  • Comprehensive Player IQ
  • Skating Skills
  • Scoring Skills
  • Specific Goalie Training With Magnus Zirath

Participation and Prices

Do not hesitate to sign up for one of our LIC Summer Camps in July.




• Camp 1 1: July 19 – July 22

• Camp 2: July 24 – July 27



Forward, Centerman or Defensman: 3 999 SEK (approx. 385 US Dollars or 522 CA Dollars) | Meal Plan and Accomodation Included

• Goalkeeper: 3 499 SEK (approx. 338 US Dollars or 457 CA Dollars) | Meal Plan and Accomodation Included



• Camp 1 | July 19 to July 22 | J18: 20 st

• Camp 1 | July 19 to July 22 | 08/09: 20 st

• Camp 1 | July 19 to July 22 | 10/11: 18 st

• Camp 1 | July 19 to July 22 | 12/13: 20 st

• Camp 2 | July 23 to July 27 | J18: 20 st

• Camp 2 | July 23 to July 27 | 08/09: 20 st

• Camp 2 | July 23 to July 27 | 10/11: 11 st

• Camp 2 | July 23 to July 27 | 12/13: 17 st

“Hos Ljusne Ice Camps får du en fulländad lägerupplevelse, med boende, mat, instruktör och istid i ett paket. Boendet ligger 100 meter från Ljusne Ishall.

Vi erbjuder skräddarsydda lösningar med mat, boende och istid tillsammans med några av landets bästa instruktörer. Tveka inte att höra av dig till oss för offert på ett skräddarsytt paket.”

Redo för en fullspäckad hockeyresa till Ljusne?

Vår vision när vi startade Ljusne Ice Camps var att kunna erbjuda färdiga lägerpaket för hockey- och konståkningsklubbar. Där allting ingår, istid, boende och mat. Vi vill helt enkelt att det ska vara enkelt att ta din förening till ett läger, där allt finns inom gångavstånd.


Är du instruktör och vill arrangera läger hos oss? Eller är det något annat du funderar över? Tveka i så fall inte att höra av dig till oss!